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Related questions and answers

What is Indian oil?
Indian God Oil is a general term for external sprays for men. Just one spray can prolong sexual happiness, regulate the life of couples, and even regulate the relationship of love.

What does it feel like to use Indian oil?
Indian God Oil uses herbal formula. When using it, each person's skin perception is different. It is normal to have a feeling of coolness, heat or slight numbness, which means that it is already absorbing and working.

Are there any side effects of Indian oil?
There are many brands of Indian oils on the market. Different brands use different formulas. It is recommended to choose Indian oils with herbal formulas. Herbal formulas generally have no side effects. It is recommended to use Hong Kong Huarenhang Indian oils-this product uses Herbal formula, no side effects, no harm to the body, more assured to use.

How does Indian oil work? Is it really useful?
Indian god oil is mainly aimed at men who have short intercourse time or are dissatisfied with the intercourse time, to increase sexual interest and improve the quality of sex. At the same time, it can help you adapt slowly, overcome psychology, reduce penis sensitivity, and prolong the time of male intercourse. Male friends in need can try it. Here, Hong Kong Huaren Indian God Oil is recommended. Herbal formula has no side effects and is more reassuring to use up.

Indian oil has hurt me, what does it mean?
As a well-known product at present, Indian God Oil is familiar to many people. Its main function is to prolong the time of men's intercourse. It may be that the prolongation time is too long, which makes the body too tired, so some people say that it hurt him. , here it is recommended that you use it in moderation, and recommend Hong Kong Huarenhang authentic Indian oil, plant herbal formula, don't worry about harming your body when you use it.

What is the use of Indian oil
The main purpose of Indian oil is to prolong men's time. With the purpose of introducing and promoting authentic Indian oil, it inherits the nourishing oil of the Indian royal family's classic formula for many years. It will not numb or harm the body when used. While having fun, you don't have to worry about damaging your body.

How to use Indian oil
The method of using Indian god oil is very simple, just spray it lightly, pay attention to avoid the urethral opening, and another point is that it needs to be 30 minutes in advance, and the spray of plant formula will take a while to absorb and take effect of.

Diagram of how to use Indian oil
The usage of Indian God Oil is very simple, just spray it lightly. For details, please refer to the diagram below















What happens if you use too much Indian oil?
Indian God Oil is a time-delay product for male external use. If you use it too much, it may cause harm to your body. It is recommended to choose Indian God Oil with herbal formula. It is extracted from herbs and is mild and non-irritating. Even if you use it too much, it will not be harmful to your body. Too much damage, but it is best to use it in moderation. This type of product is not the more the better.

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